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My name is Mallory Vorwerk and I am the owner of this online boutique!  I am so glad you have stumbled across my shop!  My goal is to bring you affordable yet quality pieces that you can fit into your everyday wardrobe!

Why did I name my shop ND Tough Lifestyles?

ND Tough lifestyles is the sister company to my 1st business ND Tough gear. [] I started ND Tough gear in October of 2017 after watching a Monday night football game where my favorite player, and hometown hero Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles, was playing in that game.  During one of his best games of the season, John Gruden stated "Man, That Carson is not only tough, he is ND tough"  and it stuck!  That night, I was asking who was making shirts that said #NDTOUGH, after about 5 mins of waiting for a reply ( I am an act now person). . . I decided I  was going to make them myself and I did.

So ND Tough Lifestyles was born from the success of ND Tough gear.  I have always had people ask me, where did you get that?  Or how do you find things long enough ( I am 6'2'') and I decided it was time I just found those items myself and shared them with everyone!

#bathroomselfie | #duh

Yep, it's true I love a good #bathroomselfie, heck even in my shop polices I tell you to take selfies to see if you like the items you receive from me!  I will always try and take pictures to show you how the clothes fit for a tall person, as well as have some of my friends model the items too!  I offer sizes S-3X, and my goal is to keep everything under $50 and you will notice that the majority of my items fall in the $20 - $30 range.  Affordable is key, you can buy twice as much that way, #duh